18V Cordless Brushless Impact Wrench For Makita DTW285Z / 6.0Ah Battery /Charger

18V Cordless Brushless Impact Wrench For Makita DTW285Z / 6.0Ah Battery /Charger

18V Cordless Brushless Impact Wrench For Makita DTW285Z / 6.0Ah Battery /Charger

Replacement Cordless Impact Wrench For Makita DTW285Z 18V Brushless 1/2 4 Speed 18V 6.0Ah Li-ion Battery DC18RC Charger. 18V Cordless Brushless Impact Wrench For Makita DTW285Z / 6.0Ah Battery /Charger.

(Body Only, Battery Not Included) of DTW285 DTW250 DTW300 DTW251 DTW284 DTW190 DTW181. This powerful 18V impact wrench provides various fastening controls for a wide range of applications such as scaffolding, car Tyre, automotive, installation, and fabrication trades. It handles everything with ease because it delivers high torque up to 3097 in. Max which is much higher than others on market. 1st Speed: 0-1000 RPM, 0-1500 IPM, 180 NM/1593 IN. 2nd Speed: 0-1600 RPM, 0-2000 IPM, 230 NM/2035 IN. 3rd Speed: 0-2200 RPM, 0-2800 IPM, 330 NM/2920 IN. 4th Speed: 0-2700 RPM, 0-3500 IPM, 350 NM/3097 IN.

A professional tool for mechanic, construction team, carpenter, DIY lover and family. 18V Impact Wrench: This heavy duty power tool is compatible with all Makita 18V lithium-ion batteries such as Makita BL1830, BL1830B, BL1840, BL1840B, BL1850, BL1850B, BL1860B etc.

Efficient Brushless Motor: The motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling this driver to run cooler and more efficiently, optimize battery energy use for up to 50% longer run time per charge. 4-Speed: You can select 4 working speeds by switching the Left button, to provide you with precise fastening control according to your need. With variable speed (0-2700 RPM & 0-3500 IPM) delivers up to 350Nm/3097 in. Lbs of max torque for normal car tyres which is higher than others on market. Note: it works with M10 M14 M16 bolts ONLY.

2-Mode: After turning on the Right button, it will rotate and then auto stop working even if you keep pressing the switch. While if you turn off it, it will work continuously for faster tightening. Reversible Button: The red rhombus button enables you to control the working directions to be clockwise or anticlockwise which helps you fasten or loosen the screws easily. When you don't need to use this tool, you can switch it to middle, then it won't work even though you press the trigger. This will ensure that the battery doesn't drain if the trigger is pressed inadvertently, for instance, in a toolbag or toolbox.

The energy production of a brushless motor is more efficient because there is no friction loss caused by carbon brushes, enabling lower amperage for reduced heat production and increased work amount on a single full battery charge. Impact wrench has many features such as an electric brake, variable speed, forward / reverse action, battery fuel gauge to name just a few. Batteries, charger, Drill/Driver Bits & carry case NOT included - Compatible with Makita BL1830, BL1830B, BL1840, BL1840B, BL1850, BL1850B, BL1860B 18v Li-ion Batteries. Variable speed control by trigger. Equipped with Battery protection circuit: designed to protect the battery from damages due to over discharge, high temperature or overload current.

Reverse rotation auto stop mode: This mode works only with pulling the trigger fully in counter-clockwise rotation. When the bolt/nut gets loosened enough, the tool stops the impact and rotation in 0.2 seconds.

Battery Type: Lithium-ion (BL1830, BL1830B, BL1840, BL1840B, BL1850, BL1850B, BL1860B). Noise sound pressure: 96 dB(A).

Noise sound power: 107 dB(A). Noise K factor: 3 dB(A). Vibration: Fastening Bolt 11.5 m/sec2.

Vibration K factor: 1.5 m/sec2. About the 18V 6.0Ah. 1:Exquisite buckle, compact and not loose 2:Compatible with all of makita 18V power tools 3: Know how much charge you have left in the battery with the LED idicator, activated with a button. 4: No memory effect, can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity.

Item: Battery for Makita Battery Capacity: 6000mAh Battery Voltage: 18V Battery Type: Li-Ion Material: ABS. 1:100% Brand new and high-quality replacement for Makita 14.4V-18V series of batteries charging 2:LED indicator to display charging status, monitor the current voltage and temperature for faster charging and extend the battery life. 3:Short-circuit protection / over-heating protection / over-discharging protection / over-charging protection 4:Charging current of 3A 5:Plug Type: UK Plug 6:Output voltage: DC 7.2Vdc, 14.4Vdc, 18Vdc (self-adaption).

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18V Cordless Brushless Impact Wrench For Makita DTW285Z / 6.0Ah Battery /Charger

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